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At Greens we offer various car and van servicing options

To Book or get a Quote Please call 01522 730258 or email us

Oil & Filter Change

The most basic form of car maintainance, where a mechanic will replace the oil and oil filter on your car.

Dan Servicing a car

Full Service

The most thorough vehicle maintenance and inspection that we offer. 

Recommended 10,000 miles or 1 year after an interim service.

Click below to view what is covered. 

Charlie Servicing a car

Interim Service

A service which covers basic car inspection points

Recommended 10,000 miles or 1 year after a full service.

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Full Service

Full Service
  • Operation of Dashboard Lights

  • Condition and Operation of seatbelts

  • Operation of all external lights

  • Operation of key dashboard warning lights.

  • Air conditioning operation

  • Windscreen wiper blades and washers.

  • Operation of horn

  • Suspension dampers operation.

  • Lubrication of all door locks, hinges. 

  • Record Anti-freeze protection level.

  • Auxiliary belt inspection .

  • Cooling fan operation.

  • Vacuum pipe inspection.

  • Engine breather system inspection.

  • Brake fluid condition and level

  • Power steering operation and fluid condition.

  • Throttle body check.

  • Inspect and refill all under bonnet fluids.

  • Replace spark plugs, air filter, cabin filter, and fuel filter.

  • Check condition of battery

  • Change Oil and Oil Filter.

  • Inspect Fuel lines and brake pipes.

  • Exhaust security and condition

  • Check gear box oil level

  • Check all steering and suspension joints.

  • Inspect tyres, pressures and report findings.

  • Inspect brakes and report findings.

  • Check all dust protection seals

  • Check operation of all brakes

  • Report any abnormal findings

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Interim Service

  • Greased all locks, hinges and bonnet  cables

  • Test brake servo and fluid level

  • Inspect tyre condition and pressures.

  • Check all external lights and operation.

  • Check horn, washers and wiper blades.

  • Change Oil and Oil Filter.

  • Anti-freeze readings

  • Check all water pipes.

  • Inspect  Exhaust and Gear Box oil.

Dan Servicing a car

We also offer a courtesy car

If you still require transport when your car is in for servicing or repair, our courtesy car can be borrowed for £10. 

Please ring 01522 730258 to inquire about borrowing our courtesy car. 

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