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Picture of the Garage

The Garage History


The garage was originally owned by Wiles, then in the 1960's George Green bought the garage out. In 1965, Dave was born, in the 1980's he started to work for his dad in the garage, helping out on different mechanical, sales and recovery jobs. In 1995, Mary Green, Georges Wife, began working for the garage. Being born in Aisthorpe, she was well acquainted with the garage from an early age. She vividly remembers watching Queen Elizabeth's II  coronation in what is now the valeting bay in the garage. In the early 2000's, Dave decided that the garage needed to expand it's used car sales, so he sat and designed on the back of an envelope the showroom which currently house our sale cars and his Metro. In 2003, there was a need to hire a new mechanic, which is when Dan Clifton was hired. Marina was hired in 2012 to aid Mary in the office, and since then the garage has had a fairly constant team.

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